Friday, October 5, 2007

Should we be blaming Apple for iPhone?

Hyped as 'Jesus phone', 'the best cell phone ever', 'the best iPod' etc etc. Today its one of the most talked about products in the consumer electronics market - from followers to fanatics to hackers and critics. However, lately there's been more negative uproar against locking and firmware issues.
In this post I'll try to not to think like a faithful Apple fan but try to put forward a rational opinion

Complaints against Apple for iPhone
  1.  iPhone is locked and can't be used with any carrier other than the one selected by apple: Well, this is a valid complaint if you consider the fact that practically all the latest cell phones are offered under contracts with practically all available carriers as long as the technology (GSMA/CDMA) is supported by both. This indeed is uncharacteristic of Apple to limit the options its customers can have
  2. Price: Is iPhone too expensive for a phone. The answer is NO, you are comparing a "phone+email device+smartphone+iPod+multitouch interface+never before heard features" with a Nokia N-series phone. Well, think about it again!
  3. Price Reduction: You can't really blame Apple and Steve jobs here. Its an established fact that early adopters of technology pay more as compared to later ones. Whatever credibility was left in this believe has been alleviated by $100 credit. How often do you see companies do that?
  4. SDK or True SDK? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't remember Steve Jobs ever promising or mentioning the release of an API to develop native apps. Why are so called "TRUE DEVELOPERS" so afraid of developing web based apps, didn't anyone hear about google docs or M$ and Adobe offering office/office-like apps over the web. Having said that, I find it a little hard to come terms with a handheld device for which I can't develop Java apps. Maybe its about time we start to take web based apps seriously enough to respect and treat them like desktop apps
  5. My iPhone is now iBrick :(( One, didn't Apple warn you about that? Two, if your product label says "Warranty void if seal broken", would you still go ahead, F**** it up open the lid? If yes, then you deserve the consequences
  6. EDGE, 3G, WiFi etc: Well you knew what you were buying didn't ya? The specs say out loud what the device supports
  7. It take 5 steps to unlock the screen and make a call: Again, you knew what you were buying didnt ya
  8. No hardware controls: Absolutely valid complaint, please give me hardware control for volume. At least iPod had a click wheel and I could change volume without taking it out of my pocket
The bottom line is (actually two!)
  1.  The apple store says out loud what you can and can't do with iPhone. So buy it if you like it and stop cribbing as if its Apple's fault
  2. Apple - Please give us freedom for carrier locking (at least outside USA) and please develop some lightweight cool apps like iWork, iLife etc. 

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Dear Author

Your bottom two lines contradict each other. Similar to the Australian Governments 'Oh, All terrorists should be executed, but the death penalty is wrong'