Thursday, November 1, 2007

My iPod Touch/iPhone wishlist

With Steve Jobs announcing that an SDK will be released for iPhone its time to create a wish-list of top 5 applications. Now, I'm not a desktop/mobile app developer myself but I'm quite sure these can be easily implemented with a standard API:

  1. A skype client on iPhone - this would be awesome, ATT and O2 might hate me for this but I don't care as long as the hardware and OS can support this. How great would be to make calls over skype when I'm in wifi range
  2. Use something like Airtunes to stream music to remote speakers through Airport express base station (just like iTunes)
  3. Bonjour - is the hardware there in the portable devices?
  4. GTalk with voice support - 90% of my contacts are on GTalk
  5. Wireless data (not necessarily music) transfer
Corrections (because of technical feasibility) and suggestions welcome :)